King And Queen Of The River

King And Queen Of The River

 NEW for 2018 – King and Queen Of The River

Who has the endurance to participate in 3 solo events over 30 minutes and take the crown?

Events include Sand Shovelling, Kayak race and a figure 8 arena run

Iron MAn


The Ironman/Lady Challenge is an individual challenge the winners are named King or Queen of the River.

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 Events will include

Sand Shovelling

Men fill a 44 gallon drum with sand by shovel. Women fill a 22 gallon drum with sand by shovel. U16 boys and girls fill a 22 gallon drum.


Each competitor carries the kayak to a turning buoy following a slalom course, and then back to the finish line.

Racing in the irn lady event at the HoT

Figure 8 Arena Run





Tour D Todd

Be the first to cycle your wheel to the end

Lady Racing at the Henley On Todd

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