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We look forward to seeing your stall at this year’s Rotary Henley On Todd Regatta.

Our contact for the stalls this year is Dale. Dale’s email is

Please email for all details and applications.

Information to Stall Holders

To participate at the 2019 Rotary Henley-on-Todd [HoT] Regatta you need to agree to the following terms & conditions. Please read this document thoroughly to ensure your full understanding of our requirements and your participation


• Applications will not be accepted without a completed application form
• HoT reserves the right to accept or reject any application. Applicants need to be aware that
by submitting your completed application is no guarantee of a stall allocation.
– We will endeavour to let you know asap.
• Applicants will need to supply a copy of a Certificate of Currency from their public liability
• Food stalls need to supply in addition to the Certificate of Currency a copy of their certificate of registration as a food business
• HoT may restrict the number of stalls in order to maintain the free flow of patrons
and to comply with relevant safety regulations



Stall Drinks: No stallholder is allowed to sell soft drink or bottled water.
This is due to previous years’ stallholders were meant to only sell our sponsor’s drinks (Coca Cola), and
too many stall-holders were not paying attention to this and flaunting the rules. Given the level of
sponsorship and support we get from Coca Cola. The Rotary Henley on Todd will be operating a soft drink and water stall.

Stall merchandise : Operators must sell only the type of goods indicated on the application form
or as agreed with the HoT stalls coordinator.

Stall Allocation: This will be at the discretion of the HoT Site manager & Stalls coordinator.
Standard stall size is 3m x 3m. Larger sizes can be negotiated with the Stalls manager.

Stall Cancellation: Stallholders who wish to cancel should contact the Stall Coordinator by
midday 9 days prior to the event.

Trading: HoT will not accept responsibility for loss or lack of income generated on the day or if any
pre-held expectations have not been met. HoT will endeavour to manage stall allocation so that all
traders get a “fair go”.